v5.6 – Dec 21, 2017
Fixed a bug introduced in the previous update (v5.5) which caused an inaccurate connection outage to be reported after a period when SNMP monitoring was also in use.

v5.5 – Dec 16, 2017
Improved support for monitoring routers and devices with SNMP.  When using Network Logger to monitor a router or device that supports SNMP v1, you can now monitor multiple network interfaces in the SNMP device simultaneously.  SNMP interfaces can now be selected with a menu by name instead of by entering the interface number.  SNMP interfaces can also be assigned custom names for easy reference.

v5.4 – May 7, 2017
Fixed a bug that prevented manually selecting SNMP interfaces other than interface #1 with custom OIDs when monitoring SNMP enabled routers and devices.

v5.3 – May 5, 2017
Fixed a crash which can occur after hundreds of thousands of pings when the ACT feature is turned on.

v5.2 – February 21, 2017
Added automated ping monitoring with customized spoken announcements.
When monitoring a server URL or a device IP address with a URL Monitor you can customize the spoken and logged status announcements by entering a custom announcement.

With this you can set up spoken announcements such as:

• The company website is down.
• The smart TV in Johnny’s bedroom has been turned on.
• The wireless security camera by the garage went down.
• The online store payment gateway is not responding.

Note: with the “IT” Version of Network Logger, (a separate product) you can have emails sent to a list of recipients when these events occur.

Monitored URLs/Addresses can now be designated as on the Internet or as on private networks to enable monitoring of LAN devices while keeping the Internet Connection Status log accurate.

Enhanced Internet Connection Monitoring logic which is able to catch unusual cases like ISP authentication failures that block HTTP traffic while pings continue to work.

v5.1 – December 14, 2016
DNS Outage Detection!
During a DNS outage, URLs can’t be resolved to IP addresses, but IP-based traffic is still flowing. The fixes for this are very different than those for connection outages, and it’s sometimes hard to tell the difference between the two. Network Logger Pro will now identify each type of outage for you in the Connection Log.

v5.0 – October 27, 2016
Router Monitoring!
Version 5.0 is a major update that adds router monitoring (for routers that support UPnP or SNMP v1 or v2). Fixed a bug that caused crash on launch on a small number of systems after a period of time. Various interface improvements.

v4.9.4 – August 31, 2016
Fixed an issue in which OS X App Nap (a feature Apple introduced in OS X 10.9) could kick in if the status menu bar item was turned off while the app was in the background with no windows visible. Before the fix, when these conditions were present, they produced artificially high speed readings due to the Network Logger timer firing schedule being changed by the OS X App Nap feature.

v4.9.3 -July 20, 2016
Added an Activity Display for Automatic Connection Testing. Fixed two two bugs that were introduced in v4.9.2, one interfered with custom HTTP monitoring, another prevented Automatic Connectivity Testing from working if no test interval had ever been set. Also changed the format for allowable URLs for custom HTTP monitoring. Added the ability to Customize the HTTP User Agent to bypass User Agent blocks. Added a checkbox to control the use of unique tokens on URLs, which keep network caches from masking server status.

v4.9.2 – July 13, 2016
Fixed a bug in the Automatic Connectivity Testing feature that caused network caching to appear as a live connection.

v4.9.1 – June 16, 2016
Version 4.9.1 is a minor update to 4.9 which fixes a situation where two menu items in the File menu were not selectable when no HTTP Monitor was present.

v4.9 – June 1, 2016
Version 4.9 of is a major update of Network Logger Pro & IT. It features Automatic Connectivity Testing which provides zero configuration, high frequency, and low bandwidth connection testing. The History Graph now displays far more detail while using less memory. Reatime Displays can automatically scroll back and forth if you have more network interfaces than will fit in the view. Causes of slowdowns have been eliminated. Many hard to find bugs have been found and fixed.

v4.8 -February 11, 2016
Network Logger version 4.8 is the first version available for purchase outside of the Mac App Store. You can purchase as many licenses as you like for a given registration key which eliminates the need for tracking keys within organization.

v4.7.1 -October 27, 2015
Fixed a regression that prevented the Connection Outage Log from displaying properly on the Pro version, the IT version was unaffected.

v4.7 – July 17, 2015
This release features UI improvements, performance enhancements, unlimited realtime interface displays, user prefs, and bug fixes.

v4.5 – March 14, 2014
New application icon.

v4.4 – February 14, 2014
Network Logger 4.4 dramatically reduces CPU usage in when large numbers of samples have been collected and overall.

v4.3 – January 17, 2014
Fixed bug that caused user defaults to overwrite saved session settings.

v4.2 – October 29, 2013
Network Logger Pro Released
After two years of updates and feature additions, Network Logger has been rebranded as Network Logger Pro in recognition of it’s fundamentally new set of capabilities. The existing version number progression has been preserved. New features include display of traffic for all active network interfaces, customizable color themes, historical peaks graphs, revamped outage detection logic, bug fixes and much more.

v4.1 – January 8, 2014
Added the ability to save and resume sessions, export Network Response graphs as PDFs, export Network Outage logs, and export Web Outage logs. Running with settings that cause requests to interrupt timeouts is no longer possible. Added controls for adjusting request timeout durations.

v3.3 – November 29, 2013
Fixed a problem with the “Save As…” feature that occurred when closing a window after an autosave.

v3.1 – January 24, 2013
Minor bug fixes.

v3.0 – November 29, 2012
Major feature update including over a dozen customer requests. New features include new testing logic, a new color scheme, new types of graphs, rollover statistics on graph bars, Autosave, CSV file export, faster sampling times, and many others.

v2.0 – July 10, 2012
Added the ability to save and resume sessions, export Network Response graphs as PDFs, export Network Outage logs, and export Web Outage logs.
Running with settings that cause requests to interrupt timeouts is no longer possible.
Added controls for adjusting request timeout durations.

v1.2 – November 28, 2011
Improved outage detection logic.

v1.1 – July 28, 2011
Improved request timing, added support for graphing of very slow speeds, fixed a strange interaction with OSX 10.7 Lion that added a menu item to the File menu.

v1.0 – July 25, 2011
Introducing Network Logger! Network Logger provides automated URL speed testing and graphing, website Monitoring, and connection outage detection.