from Network Logger customers:

Very handy for monitoring network

“My DSL has been dropping its connection (losing sync) about a ten times a day. This wouldn’t be a huge problem for just casual surfing, but it brings down my VPN connection every time and everything running over that connection, which is a big hassle. Network Logger has been invaluable in documenting for my ISP just how frequently my connection goes down. When I called my ISP with this information, I got to 2nd level support almost immediately, without even being asked if it’s plugged in, or to turn it off and turn it on again.

I’m getting a backup cable connection later this week, but last time I used this company a few years ago, they were providing less than 50% of advertised speeds, so I’m looking forward to also using Network Logger to monitor that I’m getting what I pay for.

All in all, a great tool with lots of different uses. Very handy to have in your toolbox whether you need to constantly monitor a site, or just to have around for occasional use when your network or site starts behaving oddly.”


Excellent, easy to use, and does exactly what I need

“I wanted a utility to track my network’s downtime from my ISP, and wanted logs to show Time Warner about my disconnects. Network Logger does exactly that (I bought version 2.0) and the user interface is wonderfully easy, even for a novice like me.

Support was great as well. I had pre-purchase questions and wrote the developer, Lyle, who answered me in two hours.

I’m running Network Logger on a MacBook Pro, Mac OS X 10.7.5, with lots of other apps open. It’s never crashed or hung on me. Love it. Recommend it.”


Cool app with great support.

“Downloaded this app and couldn’t get it to work for what I wanted to do. I emailed the developer and got a very helpful response the next day.”


Good long term monitor

“This is the only tool I’ve found that provides a view of network behavior over long periods of time. Since it does regular sampling it’s not limited to looking at user generated traffic. Easily worth the price.”


Answers My Doubts…

“This app is superb. It allows me to prove all the doubts I had about the quality of service Im receiving from my broadband company. It give you indisputable record of the quality of connection you get over time. The app itself is very easy to use and stable (running on SnowLeopard). Well done and thanks.”