Log your network outages, graph speeds over time, and more. Network Logger Pro actively tests your network connection on a regular schedule that you can customize and also passively samples all traffic from all your network interfaces.


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Network Logger Pro can also be used to monitor web sites and produce historical graphs of their speeds, outages, and response times.


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Unlike purely passive network interface monitors, which only report on your network usage, Network Logger provides a consistent record of network behavior all the time, allowing you to see when your network is the fastest, when it is the slowest, and what your outage history looks like. If there are certain times of day or week that your network slows down or has an outage, Network Logger Pro will show you.

You can end flaky network nightmares right now by catching them in the act and providing irrefutable documentation of what has been happening to your provider.


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Some customers have told us of interesting uses they have for Network Logger. One network contractor uses it to monitor wifi systems he installs on remote drilling rigs and to provide statistics to his clients in the energy industry documenting his service. Another uses Network Logger to monitor a weak satellite link in Africa, to determine the best times of day to connect.

You can export URL speed graphs as PDFs or copy the network outage log and quickly show tech support what you are experiencing in a way that enables them to understand what’s going on at a glance. Everyone we know who has shown Network Logger output to their service provider has had their problems solved immediately.

An optional speech synthesis feature announces when your internet connection goes down and up which can be handy when you are working on your network in another room and saves you from walking back and forth to check your network status.


• Menubar Display showing Speed and Network Status
• Network Outage Log
• Website Outage Logs
• Realtime Traffic Displays for all Network Interfaces
• Historical Peaks and Averages for all Network Interfaces
• Website Transmission Speed Graphs
• Website Response Time Graphs
• Customizable Color Themes
• Linear and Log Graphing Styles
• Rollover statistics on Graph Bars
• Export Graphs as PDFs
• Export Logs as .log Files
• Save and Resume Sessions
• Autosave
• CSV File Statistics Export

You can use Network Logger to graph the download speed of your internet connection over time if you pick an appropriate speed test URL for your area. The manual provides details on how to do this. (Since this measurement occurs ongoingly it will, like any speed test, be affected by other network traffic.)